When Narayani sena was given to Duryodhana, Was shri krishna's son samba was the head of that army? If yes, then in-spite of being a son of lord Krishna, did Samba go against him in Mahabharatha war?
How did he die?

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    Did Samba participate in the Kurukshetra war? Apr 12, 2018 at 7:43
  • There were few false assumptions in your Qn, Such as, "Samba was head of army", "Why did he fight against his father's side?", "How was he 'killed'?". I have replaced them with genuine queries for objectivity. See if the edits suits you.
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There is no reference found of Samba participating in the great war.
Kritavarma was the head of Narayani sena and not Krishna's son Samba.

In the left foot, O monarch, was stationed Kritavarma accompanied by the Narayana troops, and those invincible warriors, the gopalas. In the right foot, O king, was Gotama's son of prowess incapable of being baffled, surrounded by those mighty bowmen viz., the Trigartas and by the Southerners. In the left hind-foot was stationed Shalya with a large force raised in the country of Madras. In the right (hind-foot), O monarch, was Sushena of true vows, surrounded by a 1,000 cars and 300 elephants. In the tail were the two royal brothers of mighty energy, viz., Citra and Citrasena surrounded by a large force. [Karna Parva]

In fact after 36 years from the war, Samba was killed in an internal fight among the Yadava-s clan which was intoxicated with power and wine. Other sons of Krishna were also killed:

Knowing that the hour of destruction had come, the mighty-armed Keshava stood there, eyeing everything. Indeed, the slayer of Madhu stood, raising a bolt of iron formed of a blade of grass. Beholding that Samva was slain, as also Charudeshna and Pradyumna and Aniruddha, Madhava became filled with rage. [Mausala Parva]

  • You may add also how Samba is dead irrespective of his participation in the war. It completes the answer. It's easy. The slaughter of the Yadavas. Apr 12, 2018 at 9:03

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