We have the concept of Kala Chakra (wheel of time) in both Buddhism and Hinduism. Which scriptures talk about Kalachakra?


Bhagavad Gita talks about KAlachakra. In English it can also be interpreted as Eternal Return. The etymology is as:

KAla = time, Chakra = cycle (i.e. duration)

The time passes in a circular motion. In a given cycle, all the unique events will happen once. In the next/past cycles (frequency), the same events only occur.
e.g. You will be asking this Qn in every cycle and I will be answering them. Same is true for all the events of your/mine/others' lives.

BG 8.17 - Knowing that thousand eras constitute a day of Brahman, [and] thousand eras complete a night, are the people who know day, [and] night.
BG 8.18 - On arrival of day, all manifestations originate from "Unmanifest"; On arrival of night they annihilate into [what is] known as "Unmanifest" only.
BG 8.19 - This world of beings only happens again & again; Annihilates upon arrival of night, [and] originates upon arrival of day.
BG 9.10 - Under "My" supervision, the Prakruti produces moving & non-moving [beings]; Due to this reason the world revolves

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    KAl chakra is also very deep concept. The great Gautam Buddha taught on request to the king of Salivahan (mystical city where Kalki will born) – BasedShaiva Apr 13 '18 at 16:19

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