Does the word "Brahman" occur in the Rig Veda to denote the impersonal supreme principle? If not, which scripture does it occur in first?

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In which scripture the word Brahman as impersonal supreme Principle does occur first?

The word Brahman as impersonal supreme Principle is mentioned in Vedas .The word Brahman occured in Shukla Yajurveda Samhita Chapter 32- Mantra 1. This sukta is dedicated to "Brahma-Swayambhu". ब्रह्म स्वयम्भु.

तदेवाग्निस्तदादित्यस्तद्वायुस्तदु चन्द्रमा :|
तदेव शुक्रं तद् ब्रह्म ता आप: स प्रजापति: ||1||

All pervading Paramatma himself is self-born prajapati ,his luster is like Agni and Surya , he is Aditya , all prevesive Vayu , Blissful Moon , bright Shukra ,pure , excellent , excellent guide Brahman , water which is all inclusive and sustainer of all the living beings.

The word Brahman as impersonal supreme Principle is also mentioned in Atharva Veda- Kanda 10 Sukta 7 -Mantra 11,17,24 - SarvaaDharVarnan sukta (सर्वाधारवर्णन सुक्त) - a sukta for the principle who is base of all this universe

यत्र लोकाच्श्र कोशांच्श्रापो ब्रह्म जना विदु: |
असच्च यत्र सच्चान्त: स्कम्भं तं ब्रुहि कतम: स्विदेव स : |
यत्र तप: पराक्रम्य व्रतं धारयत्युत्तरम् |
ऋतं च यत्र श्रद्धा चापो ब्रह्म समाहिता: स्कम्भं तं ब्रुहि कतम कतम: स्विदेव स : || AV 10.7.11||

Tell us that Skambha where people by performing Tapas , Vratas they become excellence · fame · honored and where Rita ,Shradha and Apa ,Brahman is inclusive.

ये पुरुषे ब्रह्म विदुस्ते विदु: परमेष्ठिनं यच्श्र वेद प्रजापतिम् |
जेष्ठं ये ब्राह्मणं विदुस्ते स्कम्भमनुसंविदु: || AV 10.7.17||

Those who knows the Brahman ,knows "Parameshti" ,those who know Parameshti ,Prajapati and elderly "brahman" , they knows the "Skambha"

And also in Mantra 24

यत्र देवा ब्रह्मविदो ब्रह्म जेष्ठमुपासते |
यो वै तान् विद्यात् प्रत्यक्षं स ब्रह्मा वेदिता स्यात् || AV 10.7.24||

Where "Brahmavetta" worship Supreme Brahman or the one who Knows him Verily , the knower can be Brahman.

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There are actually many mantras in rig veda in which brahman appears here is one of them

यो विश्वस्य जगतः पराणतस पतिर्यो बरह्मणे परथमो गा अविन्दत |  इन्द्रो यो दस्यून्रधरानवातिरन म... || (RigVeda 1.101.5)

He who is Lord of all the world that moves and breathes, who for the Brahman first before all found the Cows; Indra who cast the Dasyus down beneath his feet,—him girt by Maruts we invoke to be our Friend.

Many gods are also also equated with purusha and brahman.

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