As far as I know, Vishishtadvaita has seven types of Brahman-Jiva relationships:

  • sharIra/sharIrI (body/indweller)
  • prakAra/prakArI (attribute/substance)
  • shesha/sheshi (owned/owner)
  • niyamya/niyanta (controlled/controller)
  • amsha/amshI (part/whole)
  • adhAradeya/sambandha (supporter/supported)
  • rashksya/rakshaka (redeemed/redeemer)

Now, I'm interested in the one given in bold i.e. prakAra-prakAri (attribute-substance) relationship between Brahman and Jiva. Can anybody explain me this relation in detail with proper scriptural references and examples?

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    Seen Vedanta / Philosophical question after long time! – Paṇḍyā Apr 21 '18 at 16:17
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    Adding a comment as I have no scriptural references. Just as blueness is an inseparable attribute of a blue lotus, or yellowness of gold, so is the Soul an inseparable attribute/mode (Prakara) of God substance (Prakari). – SMJoe Aug 22 '18 at 18:32

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