Vishnu is always to be depicted holding the four attributes associated with him, being:

  1. A Conch shell or Shankha, named "Panchajanya", held by the upper left hand, which represents Vishnu's power to create and maintain the universe.

  2. The Chakra, a sharp-spinning discus-like weapon, named "Sudarshana", held by the upper right hand, which symbolises the purified spiritualised mind.

  3. A Mace or Gada, named "Kaumodaki", held by the lower left hand, symbolises Vishnu's divine power is the source all spiritual, mental and physical strength.

  4. A Lotus flower or Padma, held by the lower right hand, represents spiritual liberation, Divine perfection, purity and the unfolding of Spiritual consciousness within the individual.

Notice that all the above attributes other than Padma has a name.

Does Vishnu's Padma or Lotus flower have a name? If not, why not?


Although not the specific name as you enquired but Srimad Bhagavatam is naming the lotus of Lord Vishnu which he is holding in his hand as his "Leela Kamal" . This lotus is having 6 opulences like prosperity , Dharma , Laxmi , Gyan (knowledge) etc.

भगवान् भगशब्दार्थ लीलाकमलमुद्वहन् |
धर्मं यशच्श्र भगवांच्श्रामरव्यजनेSभजत् ||SB 12.11.18||

bhagavān bhaga-śabdārthaṁ līlā-kamalam udvahan
dharmaṁ yaśaś ca bhagavāṁś cāmara-vyajane ’bhajat

Playfully carrying a lotus, which represents the various opulences designated by the word bhaga, the Supreme Lord accepts service from a pair of cāmara fans, which are religion and fame.

See the word " Leela Kamal" in the verse. So the Padma in Lord Vishnu's hand can also be called by this name.

  • Thanks for the answer. The linked verse in Srimad BhAgavatam is explaining the "leela" as an adjective in the sense of "pastime lotus" or "Playfully carrying a lotus" - Would this be correct explanation over it being a proper noun name? – DirghaChintayanti Apr 25 '18 at 12:11
  • Yes , i was aware of this fact while writing the answer , so i said that it can also be called , but i think it can also be used as noun. So both the things will be correct , yes of course the word leela as an adjective is used in the sense of "pastime lotus" or "Playfully carrying a lotus" at the first place. – SwiftPushkar May 1 '18 at 18:22
  • leelekamal is not a name. Kalidas has used it in describing lotus in some woman's hand so far as i remember – user17294 Jan 23 '19 at 14:52

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