THE great Sankaracharya had a foolish disciple who used to imitate his Master in all matters. Sankara uttered ‘Sivoham’ (I am Siva); the disciple also repeated “Sivoham‟. To correct his disciple’s folly, Sankara one day, while passing by a smithy, took a potful of molten iron and swallowed it; and he asked that disciple also to do the same. Of course, the disciple could not imitate this act of his Master, and thence forward he left oil saying “Sivoham‟."

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    Add your question in the body also. Question should not be asked only in the title. It is only for introduction. There should be detailed question in the body. – Sarvabhouma Apr 23 '18 at 3:20
  • How can it have a scriptural basis? It is an incident from the life of Adi Sankara and His biographies are not considered as scriptures! – user17294 Jan 21 at 11:05

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