I have heard it said that Lord Shiva abides in yoga on Mt. Kailasha and that darśana thereof destroys attachment to delusion.

Image of Lake Manasarovar

I found information about Mt. Kailash in the question How is Mount Kailash, the abode of Lord Shiva, described in Hindu scriptures?. But, what do the scriptures say about Lake Manasaravar? I have heard it is also sacred and those who scale the mountain dip in the lake.


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Chapter 78 of the Varaha Purana offers many relevant details about Manasa lake:

Rudra said:

1-8] I shall now tell you about the four great mountains and about the lakes in them, which are beautiful, from which blow the gentle and sweet-smelling breeze, which have rivers flowing out of them, each of which have nine regions frequented by the celestial couples, which are full of gems and sacred spots, which always sound with waterfalls, which are full of lotuses, lilies, and other beautiful plants.

9] The lake in the eastern mountain is Arunoda, the one in the southern is Manasa, the one in the western is Asitoda and the one in the northern is Mahabhadra. All these are full of lilies of various colours.

13] The mounts around Manasa, I shall now enumerate.

14-16] They are Trisikhara, Sis'ira, Kapi, Satamaksa, Tu￾raga, Tamrabha, Visa, Svetodana, SamQla. Sarala, Ratnakrtu. Ekamula, Mahasriiga, Gajamula. Savaka Pancasaila, Kailasa and Himavan.

Lines 1 through 8 are particularly evocative.

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