Certain Shaktas (followers of the Goddess, ie Shakti) used to quote verses from some Upanishads on Goddess Mahakali and her relation to the Lord Vishnu/Narayana/Krishna.
Thus they quote the Devi Upanishad also known as Devi Atharvashirsha Upanishad which belongs to the Atharva Veda:

I uphold Soma, Tvastir, Pusan and Bhaga,
The wide-stepping Vishnu, Brahma, Prajapati.

Other verses they quote are from the Bahvricha Upanishad of the Rig Veda:

Om. The Goddess was indeed one in the beginning. Alone she emitted the world-egg. (She) is known as Love’s Part (IM) [Kamakala]. (She) is known as the half-syllabic instant after OM.
Of Her was Brahma born; was Vishnu born; was Rudra born.

Obviously Shaktas and Vaishnavas interpret these verses differently.

But my question is, what do Bhashyas say about these verses and what they reveal about Goddess Mahakali's relationship to the Lord Vishnu? Do these verses state any possible superiority of the Goddess over Lord Vishnu? Note that I'm not asking what users think the meaning of these verses is, just what Bhashya have to say.

  • This is an opinion-based question, because you're posting some scriptural verses, discussing how different sects of Hinduism interpret them, and then asking people's opinion on which interpretation is correct. That's not what this site is for, so I'm closing your question for the time being. If you want to edit your question into a factual question, like "What does group X think about these verses?", then I'd be happy to reopen it. – Keshav Srinivasan May 17 '18 at 0:21
  • @KeshavSrinivasan Would it be enough just to delete the last sentence, then? Actually my intention is not to ask people which interpretation is correct. I just want to hear what the answers I can get. – brahma jijnasa May 17 '18 at 0:29
  • No, that wouldn't be enough. You basically need to ask the question in a way that doesn't depend on the belief system of the person answering it. If you want to modify the question into "How do Vaishnavas interpret these verses?" or "How do Shaktas interpret these verses?" that would be acceptable. – Keshav Srinivasan May 17 '18 at 0:31
  • You can even ask "What do Rig Veda Bhashyas say about this verse?" – Keshav Srinivasan May 17 '18 at 0:33
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    @Sarvabhouma The title is just fine. – brahma jijnasa May 17 '18 at 1:14

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