Sri Madhvacharya, the propagator of Dvaita siddanta and the Brahma sampradaya, has authored a book called TantrasArasaMgraha.

In the same book, under adhyAya 4, verse 18-20, Sri Madhvacharya lists the set of weapons which Sri Vishnu holds. There, Acharya mentions that the list weapons is not limited to the below;

  1. Shanka and Chakra - Conch and Disc
  2. Gadha & Padma - Mace and Flower
  3. Khadga & Kheta - Sword and Shield
  4. SharaNga & shara - Bow and arrows
  5. Musala & Vajra - Club and a weapon made of Diamond (Indra's weapon)
  6. Hala & shUla - Plough (Balarama's Weapon) and Trident
  7. pAsha & Ankusha - Noose and Goad
  8. bhindipAla & Pattasa - Javelin (like the Subramanya's Shakti) and ??
  9. Varamudra & Abhayamudra - Mudras bestowing boons and dispelling fears
  10. Agni & Tatvamudra - Fire and Hand displaying Tatva Mudra
  11. AkshamAlA & Pustaka - Rosary Beads and a Book

I am familiar of the first 2, they being a common mention in many texts. I am aware of the next 2 (3 & 4) from the Bhagavatha. The rest are news to me.

Is there any other scripture that talks about Sri Vishnu holding / using these weapons, specifically the Agama texts?

PS- i am aware of a various interpretations of deities holding weapons, or all these weapons being surrendered to one deity by others. I request that such interpretations not be a part of the answer unless it is backed by scripture such as this one. Seeking more info on the same lines.


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