Whether 'Shraddha' can be performed by the 'yajaman' (host) himself if he is a Brahmin?
The purpose of asking this is now a days it is difficult to get a Brahmin who performs this 'sincerely', devoting proper time and uttering clear pronunciation of mantras.

Can anybody please cite the full Sanskrit text for chanting during Shraddha?

There is a similar question here

But it does not contain any sanskrit script and detailed procedure; it has a link to wiki page for "Ghriya Sutras" and a checklist pdf where there is no detail of actual vidhi.

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    I have downloaded all 3 versions. Will study and follow a suitable one. Thanks.
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Shraddha can be performed even by a Shudra too. In fact, as per the Smritis, it is one of the only two religious rites, that he is allowed to perform. So, it does not require the performer to be only a Brahmin to be considered qualified.

From the Yajnavalkya Smriti's (YS) Chapter 1:

[He should be](i.e a Shudra should be) devotedly attached to his wife, be of pure conduct, a protector of servants and given to the performance of Sraddha. With the recitation of the Mantra "Namas", he should perform the five Yajnas.

YS 1.121

The performance of Shraddha requires reciting the Mantra "Swadha" and it is a Mantra which can be uttered by everyone, even by the uninitiates as the following verse shows:

Manu Smriti 2.172. (He who has not been initiated) should not pronounce (any) Vedic text excepting (those required for) the performance of funeral rites, since he is on a level with a Sudra before his birth from the Veda.

So, anyone, who knows how to do it correctly, can perform Shraddah on their own. There's no prohibition on that. But, it is better to appoint a Brahmin, in case when one does not know about the procedures at all.

We do not do it not because we aren't qualified but because we think an appointed Brahmin can do it more accurately than us. Because, most people may not be even aware of the correct procedures.

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