Brahmi and ashwagandha are Ayurvedic herbs which are generally is used for increasing vitality, memory and immunity etc.

The effectiveness of these herbs was proven in various clinical studies.

I was wondering if there was any evidence in the Hinduism religion which supports the effectiveness of these herbs.

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    Hinduism and Ayurveda are not different. If its in Ayurveda then it is very much Hinduism religion. Please do not think that Ayurveda is different from Hinduism.
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Yes , the effectiveness of herb Brahmi ( Bacopa monnieri) and its usage is mentioned in Garuda Purana - Achara Kanda -Chapter 174 - These ayurvedic herb helps in improving intellect and memory.

Garuda Purana is mentioning a Ghrtam (Herbal Ghee) called Brahmi Gratham . The Garuda Purana is also providing us the method of preparation and formula of this Ghrtam as talk between Lord Dhanvantari And Sushruta.

धन्वतरिरुवाच । घृततैलादि वक्ष्यामि शृणु सुश्रुत रोगनुत् ।
शङ्खपुष्पी वचा सोमा ब्राह्मी ब्रह्मसुवर्चला ॥ 1.174.1 ॥
अभया च गुडूची च अटरूपकवागुजी ।
एतैरक्षसमैर्भागैर्घृतप्रस्थं विपाचयेत् ॥ 1.174.1 ॥

Dhanvantari said- Here me , O Susruta, who art well conversant with the nature of diseases , dicource on preparations and efficacies of different medicinal oils and Ghrtas . Cook a Prastha measure of clarified butter with the aksa measure of each of the following drugs Viz. Shankhpushpi , Vaca , Soma , Brahmi , Suvarchala , Abhaya , Guduci , Ataru-Saka and Vaguci, in combination with prastha measure of expressed juice of kantakari and the same quantity of milk.

कण्टकार्या रसप्रस्थक्षीरप्रस्थममन्वितम् ।
एतद्ब्राह्मीघृतं नाम श्रुतिमेधाकरं परम् ॥ 1. 174.3॥
त्रिफलाचित्रकबलानिर्गुण्डी निम्बवासकाः ।
पुनर्नवा गुडूची च बृहती च शतावरी ॥ 1.174.4 ॥

This Ghrtam is called Brahmi Ghrtam . It improves the intellect and memory . Cook a Ghrtam with Triphala ,Citrakam , vala , Nirgundi , Nimba ,Vasaka , Punarnava ,Guduci , the two kinds of Vrati and Shatavari , or with as many of them as are available.

A similar description can also be found in Ayurvedic Granthas like Sushruta Samhita - Chapter XXVIII - Elixirs (rasayana) to improve memory and life span, where this medicinal herb Brahmi and its preparation called Brahmi Ghrtam a kind of Rasayana and benefits of both are mentioned.

He should then take the expressed juice of the Brahmi in an adequate dose after consecrating the juice a thousand times with the proper Mantras. After the medicine had been fully digested he should be advised to take in the evening Yavagu (gruel) without any salt; or with boiled milk in the event of his being habituated to its use. A continuous use of the medicine for a week improves the memory, leads to the expansion of the intellectual faculties and imparts a celestical glow to the complexion.

Ashwagandha and Brahmi are more like medicinal herbs . Unlike Durva ,Tulsi Etc. these herbs are not used in worship of deities , in puja , but mostly used for medicinal effect these have on our mind and body. In Rig-Veda mandala 10 -Sukta 97 - Oushadhi Sukta . These medicinal herbs are said to free us from our sin and all the medicinal herbs are revered well.

मुञ्चन्तु मा शपथ्यादथो वरुण्यादुत |
अथो यमस्यपड्बीशात सर्वस्माद देवकिल्बिषात | | RV 10.97.16 ||

muñcantu mā śapathyādatho varuṇyāduta |
atho yamasyapaḍbīśāt sarvasmād devakilbiṣāt ||

16 Release me from the curse's plague and woe that comes from Varuṇa; Free me from Yama's fetter, from sin and offence against the Gods.

Although Ashwagandha and Brahmi are effective for all the people , but they are more important to Dwija Brahmacharis i.e. Unmarried Students who is either doing Veda-Adhyayana or general studies. Since these hearbs relieve stress, increase energy levels and improve concentration and memory , which are essential while student life.

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