The Sambhava Parva of Mahabharat mentions that Kamsa was a rebirth of the demon Kalanemi:

"There was also born on earth a mighty Asura known amongst the Danavas by the name of Kalanemi, endued with great strength, of grand achievements, and blessed with a large share of prosperity. He became the mighty son of Ugrasena and was known on earth by the name of Kansa.

From this question it is clear that Kalanemi in his previous birth had been killed by Lord Vishnu during the Tarakamaya War that was fought for the custody of Tara, Brihaspati's wife who had been abducted by Chandra.

Now Kamsa must have been born around the 28th Mahayuga for Krishna to have descended at that time and the aforementioned war probably happened much before. I want to know more details about him such as where did Kalanemi come from originally and did he take another birth in the interim. He also seems to feature in the Ramayan where he is killed by Hanuman but this incident is not there in the Valmiki Ramayan.

So I guess my question is - Are there any details mentioned about the origins and life of Kalanemi in any other scriptures that can help complete his story?

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