What body part of goddess Sati fell on Dakshineswar Kali temple and Kalighat Kali temple of 20 km from each other?

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In the Kalighat temple region the fingers (some source says only 4 fingers) of Devi's right foot fell. Here the Devi is called Kalika and the Bhairava is called Nakuleswara.

Here is a relevant verse:

Nakulishah kalipithe dakshapadaanguli cha me |
Sarvasiddhikari devi kalika tatra devata ||

Source is one the Devi related books that I have. Same thing is stated in the hard copy Panjika that I have too. I am not sure which scripture is the source of the above verse though.

Note- "Dakshapadanguli" means "fingers of the right foot".


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