What is the source of the Ganesha shloka, "Srikantho Mathulo Yasya, Jananee Sarva Mangalaa, Janakaha Sankaro Devaha, Tam Vande' Kunjaraananam"?

श्रीकान्तो मातुलो यस्य​ जननी सर्वमंगला। जनकः शंकरो देवः तम् वन्दे कुंजराननम्॥

Meaning of shloka: The Lord, for whom Lord Vishnu, the husband of Lakshmi is the uncle, whose mother is the all auspicious one, Parvati and whose father is Lord Shiva; I offer salutations to Sri Ganesha, the elephant faced.

  • Looks like this shloka is not part of any scripture , but its a invocation prayer of a book called " Sri Ramodantam" by Parameshwara Kavi from Kerala. Commented Aug 8, 2018 at 17:21
  • Hi there, just went through the book; couldn't find the shloka. I am from Kerala, Ulloor S. Parameswara Iyer is quite famous. Thank you for your response.
    – AN GK
    Commented Aug 8, 2018 at 17:39
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I have seen this sloka as the invocation sloka for the Navagraha Stotra, penned by Veda Vyaasa. The link for Navagraha stotra itself is https://sanskritdocuments.org/doc_z_misc_navagraha/navanew.html I believe, the book where I found the sloka is a collection called Jaya Mangala Stotras (a compilation by the famous Late Sri AnantaRama Dishitar of Selam, Tamil Nadu; he brought a revival to stotram chanting as nobody else had done! He was as great as the Bhattatri of Narayaniyam fame.

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