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This story about human languages in a hindu myth/story, my question in which scripture does this story come from-

The Hindu World Tree

According to one Hindu myth, there was once a very tall tree that grew out from the very center of the earth. It was called the “World Tree” or “Knowledge Tree”, and grew so tall that it almost reached the heavens. The tree decided that it would keep growing so that its head would be in heaven and its branches on the earth, so it could make all humankind gather under it and prevent them from ever separating. The god Brahma discovered the tree’s intentions and as punishment for it being so proud, he cut off all of the tree’s branches and scattered them all over the earth. Where each branch fell a Wata tree began to grow, and with it a new language and culture for humankind.

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    I don't see the reason for downvote here. It will be an interesting search I guess.
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  • @Anisha from where you got this story? Aug 19, 2018 at 15:05
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    @B.N.Bhaskar i have added a link above, on the word "site".
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