In the Ahirbudhnya samhita of pAncarAtra Agamas, the thirty nine vibhavas of SrIman nArAyaNa are listed. Here we observe that Matsya Vibhava (incarnation) of Vishnu-nArAyaNa being referred to as Ekaśṛṅgatanu.

  • What does Ekaśṛṅgatanu mean?
  • What is the reason behind the equation of Ekaśṛṅgatanu with Matsya avatara?
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Ekaśṛṅga means "single-horned".

ekaśṛṅga एकशृङ्ग

Definition: mfn. having but one horn, unicorn

Thus, Ekaśṛṅgatanu means single-horned one. The equation is thus in reference to Vishnu-nArAyaNa's Matsya vibhava which is single-horned.

According to Matsya Purana [looking for exact verse to cite]

Boat, Rope and Anchor— The king was also told that the boat which would come to him was the Ship of the Vedas (Veda navam), that he should stock there all the seeds of living creatures (Sattia hjani), that he should pilot the boat by a rope to be supplied by the divine Fish and tie it to its horn to be protected by the glory of the Divine Creator Things happened as was predicted and all the assurances given were fulfilled The rope was the Cosmic Serpent and the Fish to whose liom the boat was anchored in the midst of the watery flood was the Divine Creator himself

Reference for word meaning is also available at Wiktionary

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