The time-cycle of creation is that each Chatur-Yuga is 43,20,000 years, split up as such:

1 deva day = 1 human year.
1 deva year = 360 deva days.
1 deva year = 360 human years.

kali yuga = 1000 deva years, + 100 deva years 'sandhi' before and after
dwapara = 2000 deva years, + 200 deva years 'sandhi' before and after
treta = 3000 deva years, + 300 deva years 'sandhi' before and after
krita = 4000 deva years, + 400 deva years 'sandhi' before and after

So does that mean that when Sri Krishna left earth, the post-sandhi period of Dwarapa Yuga (200 deva years), got completed, and now we are in the pre-sandhi period of Kali Yuga (100 deva years)?

100 deva years = 36,000 human years. Of which we are currently (2018) in year 5120.

Does that mean Kali-Yuga-Proper (after pre-sandhi period is over) doesn't start until 31000 years from now?

Note - Some people assume that these numbers (1000, 2000 etc.) are in human years, but they're not.

  • Brahma Purana - Text 50 sri-bhagavan uvaca kaleh pancasahasrani varshani tishtha bhutale papani papino yani tubhyam dasyanti snanatah Translation: The blessed Lord said: On the earth 5,000 years of kali will be sinful and sinners will deposit their sins in you by bathing. kaler dasha-sahasrani madbhaktah santi bhu-tale ekavarna bhavishyanti madbhakteshu gateshu ca Translation: For 10,000 years of kali such devotees of mine will fill the whole planet. After the departure of My devotees there will only be one varna [outcaste]. – Akshay S Aug 18 '18 at 2:19
  • Seeing this convo of supreme Lord and mother Ganga in Brahma Purana, you could be right. By the way from where did you get this information? – Akshay S Aug 18 '18 at 2:20
  • Possible duplicate of Which Yuga are we currently in? Numbers don't add up – YDS Aug 18 '18 at 14:30
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    @YDS, not duplicate. that question wrongly assumes the years mentioned (4800, 1200 etc.) are human-years. – ram Aug 18 '18 at 17:22
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    Yes we are in sandhi period of Kali yuga now. – user16618 Jan 29 at 10:18

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