The Anushasan Parva of Mahabharat mentions many dignitaries that are praiseworthy and names a few rishis:

After this I shall recite the names of those foremost Rishis who are known as Manavas. They are Yavakrita, Raibhya, Arvavasu, Paravasu, and Aushija, Kakshivat, and Vala the son of Angiras. Then comes Kanwa the son of the Rishi Medhatithi, and Varishada.

I found the stories of the first four here and know about Kanva, and Aushija seems to be another name of Kakshivat (since his mother was Ushija) so I want to know more about the remaining rishis Vala and Varishada.

If it is any help the text further states:

They have sprung from Rudra and Anala and the Vasus. By reciting their names people obtain great benefits. Indeed, by doing good deeds on earth, people sport in joy in heaven, with the deities. These Rishis are the priests of Indra. They live in the east.

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    I have noticed that Sacred-text often uses letter V for B. Like Budha is Vudha, Brihaspati is mentioned as Vrihaspati. Probably Varishada is Barishada. Who was born in lineage of Prithu and was a Prajapati. vedabase.com/en/sb/4/24/9
    – Ketan
    Aug 21, 2018 at 15:17

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Sanskrit verse of this section is following. You can refer them here

yavakrIto.atha raibhyashcha arvAvasuparAvasU | aushijashchaiva kakShIvAnnalashchA~NgirasaH sutAH || 25||

RRiShermedhAtitheH putraH kaNvo barhiShadastathA | trailokyabhAvanAstAta prAchyAM saptarShayastathA || 26||

As you can see, Varishada is actually Barhishada (who is Prajapati Barhishat or Prachinabarhi). Barhishat was born in lineage of Maharaja Prithu and is father of ten Prachetas. Details of Barhishat is given in Srimad Bhagvatam Canto 4 (SB 4.24.9)


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