Why Hindu Brahmins were not allowed by other castes,which includes Kayasthas to read BHAGVAD GITA and were (discouraged by Hindu Bramhan Gurus also}during a distinct period of history? Is there any specific reason?

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    I have never heard of such rule or restriction. In my place, it' Brahmins who recite it and explain to others. Scriptural rules indicate same. Can you specify where you have heard or seen such restriction? Sep 7 '18 at 16:49
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There are no such restrictions whatsoever. Krishna DvaipAyana VyAsa (also known as Veda VyAsa) was a Maharshi & son of a Brahmana named ParAshara. Sage VyAsa himself had passed on Gita (as part of Mahabharata) to his [supposed] Brahmana disciples.

Moreover, with the context of Moksha and Dharma, Shri Krishna declares that the study of Gita (learning or hearing) with faith, is virtuous:

BG 18.70 - And those who will study this sacred conversation between us two, which is conducive to virtue, by him I shall be adored through the Sacrifice in the form of Knowledge. This is My judgement..
BG 18.71 - Any man who, being reverential and free from cavilling, might even hear (this), he too, becoming free, shall attain the blessed worlds of those who perform virtuous deeds.
tr. Gambhirananda


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