Did the ancient rishis comment anything about the kind of body ghosts have? And please don't say that ghosts do not have any bodies. People from all over the world have reported seeing their dead relatives as having the same human like features (the appearance they had while they were alive).

On top of that, they are seen in clothes. (The clothes they wore before their death).

So what exactly is this ghostly body called in sanskrit, that not only mimicks the appearance and features of it's former flesh body but could also create out of thin air, the garments that it normally rejects after death.


  • Have you seen your own body in your dreams? – Parabrahman Jyoti Sep 15 '18 at 2:20
  • Ghost is a very very very broad term as per Vedic metaphysics. Its called Sukshma Sharira, and yet there are other bodies beyond that of a general "ghost". – user9072 Sep 15 '18 at 2:38
  • @Arkaprabha Majumdar , pl don't mix up Sukshma Sharira with ghost. Bcoz everybody has physical as well as intangible body (Sukshma Sharira). But everybody is not a ghost :D Ghost is a form of unfulfilled desires (waasana). They call it भूत योनी, प्रेत योनी. – Vineet Sep 15 '18 at 6:10
  • 1
    No no I am not synonymizing ghosts with sukhshma sharira. I am just saying that ghost is a very broad term with respect to what Vedic metaphysics has to say about this – user9072 Sep 15 '18 at 6:12
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    Some of us remain in subtle bodies, others due to bad karma remain as pretas, or pishachas wherein their subtle desires are manifested as bodies which do not permit them to go to higher lokas. For each loka the physicality is relative, so for them their desire-made-body is physical in their loka, whereas the gross body is physical in our loka. So as pretas and pishachas, they wander for some time and when their time is over, you'll find no trace of them. – user9072 Sep 15 '18 at 7:25

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