“Those various men of Kṣatriya birth — Dramiḻas, Kaliṅgas, Pulindas, Uśīnaras, Kaulas, Sarpas, and Māhiṣakas — have reached the level of Śūdras because no Brahmins are seen among them.” mahabharata 3.33.19-21

“By neglecting rites and because no Brahmins are seen among them, these men of Kṣatriya birth have gradually reached in the world the level of Śūdras — Puṇḍrakas, Coḍas, Draviḍas, Kāmbojas, Yavanas, Śakas, Pāradas, Pahlavas, Cīnas, Kirātas, and Daradas.” manu smriti

We do know that some of these were progeneted from lunar dynasty, are geneologies of all these tribes given in puranas? How did they originate did they originate from different divinities?

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