I came across an interesting story while reading the Shatapatha brahmana regarding Manu's encounters with the priests of Asuras about whose identity I had asked a separate question. These two had sacrificed the bull of Manu that had a voice that could kill Asuras but then something interesting happened:

  1. These two said, 'God-fearing, they say, is Manu: let us two then ascertain!' They then went to him and said: 'Manu! we will sacrifice for thee!' He said: 'Wherewith?' They said: 'With this bull!' He said: 'So be it!' On his (the bull's) being killed the voice went from him.

This Asura-killing sound went from the bull to Manu's wife who is mentioned simply as Manavi (of Manu):

  1. It entered into Manâvî, the wife of Manu; and when they heard her speak, the Asuras and Rakshas were continually being crushed. Thereupon the Asuras said to one another: 'Hereby even greater evil is inflicted on us, for the human voice speaks more!' Kilâta and Âkuli then said: 'God-fearing, they say, is Manu: let us then ascertain!' They went to him and said: 'Manu! we will sacrifice for thee!' He said: 'Wherewith?'They said: 'With this thy wife!' He said: 'So be it!' And on her being killed that voice went from her.

I am interested in this last portion that says Manavi was also sacrificed after the bull. I want to know Who was this wife of Manu who was sacrificed by the priests of the Asuras?

  • Sir does the scripture mention which Manu was this? Sep 22, 2018 at 5:28
  • 2
    Unfortunately no.. it just mentions Manu and Manvi thats why I want to know more. Had the name of either of them been given finding details of the spouse would have become easier. Sep 24, 2018 at 4:59


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