I am a Hindu and Maratha Kshatriya from Goa.

I just wanted to ask few questions which I believe to have different answers from different brahmans I consulted so far.

It's been a month, I lost my grandmother. My Father performed her last rites.

I understand and believe that, we should not celebrate any coming festival on large scale, as we are still in a deep sorrow of my granny's death and we will continue to do that for at least 1 year.

But what I am not sure about is if we can visit any famous or averagely famous religious temples in this 1 year? If not why? What is the reason behind that? Does Shastra recommend that? If yes, where should I refer this?

I would appreciate the reference of Shashtra/vedic documents/religious references rather than just a mythologically suggested do's and dont's.

  • OKay, thanks for letting me know. I have removed tag for 'Dharma-Shastra'. – Sachin Gaonkar Sep 23 '18 at 6:50

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