Is sraddha (श्राद्ध) during pitru paksha for untimely deaths such as suicides, accidents prescribed in scriptures? Some random sources say it's not allowed, and few say it should be done on Amavasya. What scriptures say on this matter?

Also does rule change for untimely death of married or unmarried or child or young or old?


For a person who has committed suicide no Shraddha should be performed.

Manu Smriti 5.89. Libations of water shall not be offered to those who (neglect the prescribed rites and may be said to) have been born in vain, to those born in consequence of an illegal mixture of the castes, to those who are ascetics (of heretical sects), and to those who have committed suicide,

Similar opinion is stated in Vashishta Dharma Sutras 23.14:

A man who commits suicide becomes a heinous sinner ; relatives of his belonging to the same ancestry desist from performing funeral rites for him. A person who kills himself by means of a club, water, a clod of earth, a stone, a weapon, poison, or a rope, is a suicide. Now, they also quote: If out of love a twice-born man performs the funeral rites for someone who has committed suicide, he should perform a lunar penance accompanied by a hot-arduous penance

(For the time being it's only a partial answer as cases of accidental deaths are not covered.)

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