Shatapatha Brahmana 1.6.4 mentions that Indra after hurling the thunderbolt at Vritra, hid himself and certain divinities were deputed to find him:

  1. Agni of the deities, Hiranyastûpa of the Rishis, and the Brihatî of the metres, set about searching for him. Agni discovered him and stayed with him (as a guest) that (day and) night. He (Indra), namely, is the Vasu of the gods, for he is their hero.

The footnote mentions a little more detail about Hiranyastupa:

175:2 Hiranyastûpa, of the family of the Aṅgiras, is the reputed author (or seer) of the hymns Rig-veda I, 31-35; IX, 4; 69. Of these, I, 32 and 33, which celebrate the exploits of Indra, seem to have been especially prized.

I want to know if any scriptures give more details about the origins and life story of rishi Hiranyastupa besides what is already mentioned above.


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