There being numerous Puranas, what should be the sequence of reading adheard, to make the history more understandable to human mind.

I will also like the sequence on basis of time, for example, Ramayan was of time before Mahabharat, so its likely to make linearity in time phase, I should read Ramayan afterwards Mahabharat.

Bottom Note : I know, all Puranas are dependent and can be read without the knowledge of others, but to frame a time-mass linearity, what would be the sequence, in other words, which purana happened when.(To be concies.)


There exists hardly any reading sequences of the puranas. One can start with the one he likes. It is because all the eighteen major puranas briefly or broadly deal certain similar contents (creation, dissolution, lineage, etc.) and describe past events taking into account a central deity of the Trimurti. So a single purana can be found narrating tales of both Rama and Krishna and events of Satya, Treatya and Dwapara yuga along with certain nature of the age of Kali. Some also describe future events. But all the puranas are considered to be the creations of Vedavyasa. Hence, their literal creation times are probably same and limited to the Dwapara Yuga.

It is the literature of itihasa(history) that are associated with different time periods. For example, Ramayana is associated with Tretaya yuga and Mahabharata is of the Dwapara Yuga. But if you need a particular sequential order of the puranas from the oldest to newest, then it would be something like below as described in the Vishnu Purana:

asṭādaśa purāṇāni purāṇajñāḥ pracakṣate
brāhma pāhma vaiṣṇavañca śaivaṃ bhāgavataṃ tathā
athānyannāradīyañca mārkaṇḍeyañca saptamam
āgra yamaṣmarañceva bhaviṣyaṃ navamaṃ tathā
daśamaṃ brahmavairtaṃ laiṅgamekādaśaṃ smṛtam
vārāhaṃ drādaśañca ve skāndañcātra trayodaśam
caturdaśaṃ vāmanañca kaurmaṃ pañcadaśaṃ smṛtam
mātsyañca gāruḍa़ñcavai brahmāṇḍañca tataḥ parama
[VP - 3.6.20-23]

The Order:
1. Brahma Purana
2. Padma Purana
3. Vishnu Purana
4. Shiva Purana
5. Bhagavata Purana
6. Narada Purana
7. Markandeya Purana
8. Agni Purana
9. Bhavisya Purana
10. Brahmavaivarta Purana
11. Linga Purana
12. Varaha Purana
13. Skanda Purana
14. Vamana Purana
15. Kurma Purana
16. Mastya Purana
17. Garuda Purana
18. Brahmanda Purana

  • How did the author of Vishnu Purana know about the latter ones? Weren't they narrated in different eras by different Rishis ?? Apr 22 '20 at 15:48

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