The Wikipedia page on Ma Katyayini mentions:

She is first mentioned in the Taittiriya Aranyaka part of the Yajurveda. Skanda Purana mentions her being created out of the spontaneous anger of Gods, which eventually led to slaying the demon, Mahishasura, mounted on the lion given to her by Goddess Parvati. This occasion is celebrated during the annual Durga Puja festival in most parts of India

Is there a mention of Goddess Katyayini or any other Nava Durga forms in the Tattiriya Aranyaka or any Vedic scripture? If not which is the oldest scripture to refer to any of them (separately or together as a group)?

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Navadurgas are mentioned in Skanda Purana. They were mentioned during Daksha Yajna.

Expressly commanded by Rudra himself the extremely powerful Vīrabhadra came to the sacrificial enclosure accompanied by the nine Durgās and others.The nine Durgās were Kālī, Kātyāyanī, Īśānā, Cāmuṇḍā, Muṇḍamardinī, Bhadrakālī, Bhadrā, Tvaritā and Vaiṣṇavī. A big multitude of Bhūtas also entered the sacrificial enclosure of great refulgence. Śākinīs, Ḍākinīs, Bhūtas, Pramathas, Guhyakas, a host of Yoginīs (in circular formation) along with the sixty-four (Tantras) —all these entered the sacrificial enclosure suddenly. - Skanda Purana I.1.3.49-51

The same list is also found in the Siva Purana (Siva Purana, Rudra Samhita, Sati Khanda, Chapter 33, verses 11-12).

11-12. Mahākālī went ahead for the destruction of Dakṣa accompanied by nine Durgās Viz:—Kālī, Kātyāyanī, Īśānī, Cāmuṇḍā, Muṇḍamardinī, Bhadrakālī, Bhadrā, Tvaritā and Vaiṣṇavī and the goblins.

Reference -

Skanda Purana translated by G V Tagare

Siva Purana translated by J L Shastri

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Devi atharvasirsha upanishad mentions the names of Kaalaratri and skandamata forms of navadurga.

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The term "Nava-Durga" and the concept of her nine forms (Navadurga) are not found in the Vedic scriptures. This idea gained popularity during the medieval period and is described in later Hindu Puranas and Tantric texts.

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