Are their any such stories or myth, where people are being blessed or cursed by the Goddess for their deeds, which are performed during this phase of Devi paksha? I would like to know, if sinful acts performed during this phase, will affect the individual in any major way.


It should be like that. Because if a bad deed is done in an auspicious time (like say in Devi Paksha) or in a holy place (like say in a Tirtha like Kasi) then the result (of that sin) is said to be magnified to a great extent.

Here is a passage from the Devi Bhagavatam Book 4, Chapter 8 which proves my point for "holy places". For the "holy times" the result should be the same by inference.

  1. Know, O king! the mind as the principal factor in any religious act or in any holy place. He who wants purity, let him first make his own mind pure.
  2. The residents in any holy place deceive others and thus incur great sins. The sins committed in a place of pilgrimage can never be removed; they become unending and inexhaustible.

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