last time i was reading the bhagavad Gita, i found one word very curious that is nasta Moha .

Nasta Moha in Bhagavad Gita? what is exact meaning of nasta Moha ? why lord krishna used this word in Gita ?

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    Please add the verse in which you read that word.
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The verse from Shreemad Bhagvat Gita you are referring to is BG. 18.73

अर्जुन उवाच ।

नष्टो मोहः स्मृतिर्लब्धा त्वत्प्रसादान्मयाच्युत |
स्थितोऽस्मि गतसन्देहः करिष्ये वचनं तव ॥ BG 18.73॥

naṣṭo mohaḥ smṛtir labdhā tvat-prasādān mayācyuta
sthito ’smi gata-sandehaḥ kariṣye vacanaṁ tava

Arjuna said: My dear Kṛṣṇa, O infallible one, my illusion is now gone. I have regained my memory by Your mercy. I am now firm and free from doubt and am prepared to act according to Your instructions.

And this is Adi Shankaracharya explaining the meaning .

73 Destroyed the delusion , and I have gained recognition through Thy grace , O Achyuta. I am firm with doubts gone. I will do thy word.

The word Nashta (नष्ट) means - Extinct ,loss, lost,null etc.
And Moha means affection ,attraction ,delusion ,illusion ,error etc. in general

Here Arjuna is using the word for disappearance of his worldly attachments with his Guru's , Brothers and Relatives. After the discourse of Shree Bhagvat Gita. Arjuna's doubts and fear about whether to fight the Kurukshetra war or not was over . He learned true nature of this world and about the supreme god from Shree Krishna . His attachments banished completely and he was free from false knowledge , and then was ready for the war.
So the word Nashto-Moha here means the disappearance of Avidya , false knowledge , delusion , illusion , Moha etc. about the samsara from the mind .

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