As per common knowledge, humans have five senses: Vision, Hearing, Touch, Smell, Taste.

From the following excerpt Srimad Bhagavatham, we come to know that Lord Brahma has eleven senses. Are the above five senses include in these eleven?

SB 10.13.56: Then, by the power of the effulgence of those vishnu-murtis, Lord Brahma, his eleven senses jolted by astonishment and stunned by transcendental bliss, became silent, just like a child's clay doll in the presence of the village deity.

List out the eleven senses.

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This is quite easy actually. We know that we have the 5 Jyanendriyas (senses related to knowledge/perception) + the 5 Karmendriyas (senses related to action). Plus we have the mind (or Manas) as the 11th Indriya (sense/sensory organ).

See the following verses from the Manu Smriti:

2.89. Those eleven organs which former sages have named, I will properly (and) precisely enumerate in due order,

2.90. (Viz.) the ear, the skin, the eyes, the tongue, and the nose as the fifth, the anus, the organ of generation, hands and feet, and the (organ of) speech, named as the tenth.

2.91. Five of them, the ear and the rest according to their order, they call organs of sense, and five of them, the anus and the rest, organs of action.

2.92. Know that the internal organ (manas) is the eleventh, which by its quality belongs to both (sets); when that has been subdued, both those sets of five have been conquered.

So, we have:

  • 5 Jyanendriyas

Ear, skin, eyes, tongue and nose.

  • 5 Karmendriyas

Anus, genital, hands, feet and speech.

And, the 11th Indriya is the mind or Manas.

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