Karna was a son of a charioteer by his foster father and if I am not wrong he didn't fight with the previous king of Anga.

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When the Pandavas and Kauravas returned to Hastinapur after completing their education, they were showing their skills infront of the whole kingdom. When Arjun had almost defeated Duryodhan, Karna fired a bow from the crowd and saved Duryodhan and challenged Arjun. When he told his identity to everyone, he was refused to compete with Arjun as he was from a lower caste and son of a charioteer. Seeing this Duryodhan gifted him Anga Pradesh (so that he becomes a king and thus eligible to fight with Arjun). Source: This is the conversation between Arjun and Karna can be found in the Sambhav Parva

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