There is a Grihya Sutra in the name of Shankhayana, so is a Shrauta Sutra.

Who is this Rishi? What is his period and status in the Vaidika practices?

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Lord Sankarshana spoke the essence of Srimad Bhagavata to Sanatkumara, who explained it to Shankhayana Muni. This was then given to Parashara, who explained it to all.

Chapter 15 of Shankayana Aranyaka gives a long genealogy of spiritual teachers from Brahma down to Shankhayana.

A shaka of Rig veda is named after Shankhyana. He has written both Grihya Sutras and Shrauta Sutras, as you mention and the links are given below. Shankhayana as a gotra can be found in North India.

As stated in the English translation of the text of the Grihya Sutra

The Grihya-sutra ascribed to Shankhayana, is based on the first of the four Vedas, the Rig-veda in the Bashkala recension, and among the Brahmana texts, on the Kaushitaka.

As stated in the English translation of the text of the Shrauta sutra of Shankhayana

Now one of the Shakhas of the Rig Veda is known as Bashkala Shakha. Its Kalpa Sutras were authored by the sage Shankhayana. It is the Shrauta Sutra text of this Shakhas, known as as Shankhayana Shrauta Sutras, that is translated here.

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    I have removed that part of the answer as it was not in the original question. Regarding his pravara, I will check archive.org/details/in.ernet.dli.2015.553693. It contains the gotra and pravara of many.
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