According to the thirteenth chapter of the Vayavivasamhita of the Shiva Purana, Brahma has created Vishnu and Rudra in certain Kalpas:

Vayu said, I shall narrate how Rudra was born and how Brahma and Vishnu were born from each other. The three are Atmans as causes of born of Mahesvara; they are cause of creation, sustenance and annihilation of the Universe consisting of mobile and immobile beings. Endowed with great qualities they are sanctified by great Lord. Presided over by his Shakti, they can perform their activities. Brahma can create, Vishnu can protect and Rudra can annihilate. But they rivaled with one other. Desirous of excelling one other they propitiated their father the Supreme Lord by means of penance. Attaining all around favor of Lord at outset in Previous Kalpa, Rudra created Brahma and Vishnu. In another Kalpa, Brahma created Vishnu and Rudra. In another Kalpa, Vishnu created Brahma and Rudra. Thus in different Kalpas, Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra desiring mutual benefit are born of one another. Based on the events in their respective Kalpas, their process in being the cause of origin of one other is extolled by Sages. (Chapter 13, Vayavivasamhita, Shiva Purana)

Now, I have only seen Puranic references of Brahma having created Rudra but I have never encountered a single occasion so far where Brahma created Vishnu. Rather, it is generally Vishnu who creates Brahma.

Since each Purana corresponds to different Kalpas, I want to know whether or not any Purana corresponds to a Kalpa where Brahma created Vishnu?

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    As far as one can tell, all Brahma is not created at the end of every kalpa. Rather, after Brahma completes one lifetime, prakritika pralaya happens and it is after this pralaya that Brahma, Rudra and other devatas are created. During His lifetime, Brahma oversees creation of several kalpas. However, in the beginning of the present kalpa, Vishnu APPEARED from Brahma's nostrils as Shweta Varaha to uplift Bhu Devi from patala. Appearing from Brahma and getting created by Brahma are different things. – Manoj Gowda Nov 27 '18 at 7:31

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