Madhurashtakam is an eight versed chant composed by Vallabhacharya composed on Lord Krishna. It describes about the beauty of Lord Krishna. In the stotra, Vallbhacharya says everything about Lord Krishna is sweet. The last line of every stanza is common. It is

मधुराधिपतेरखिलम् मधुरम्

Madhurādhipaterakhilam madhuram

But I also saw some people use Mathurādhipate (मथुराधिपते). While I was listening to this stotra on YouTube, Sri Krishna is called as Madhuradhipati. But he is the lord of Mathura. So, I thought it should be Mathurādhipate. They added an important note before starting a video.

enter image description here

I wouldn't take the YouTube channel because they have been sincere about pronunciation of stotras and they said that they consulted Sanskrit scholars before making the Video.

My questions are below (interrelated):

  • What did Vallabhacharya originally call Krishna in the stotra, Mathurathipathi (lord of Mathura) or Madhuradhipathi (Lord of Sweetness)?

  • Is there a rendering where the other variation of this stotra?

  • Did Vallabhacharya use Madhuradhipathi to match the chhandas and alankara rules of Sanskrit?

  • It wouldn't make any difference for the chandas because both dha and tha are mahAprANa and there is no addition or deletion of other sounds. – RamAbloh Jul 10 '20 at 23:30

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