This wikipedia link Revati mentions that Revati wife of Balarama elder brother of Sri Krishna was Jyotishmati in her past life. Googling that name does not bring any Puranic references to that name.

Is there any reference in any other Purana to Jyotishmati ? Was she Urmila in her past life ? I presume ultimately Jyotishmati/Revati/Urmila if indeed they are the same person must have some ultimate connection to Sri Lakshmi the root. Is that connection established in some Purana ?

From Wikipedia there is a devi by by the name of Jyoti - Jyoti and the name is somewhat similar to Jyotishmati but it does not appear she has any connection to Lakshmi. I am only referring to the Lakshmi connection because Sesha/Lakshman/Balarama is connected with Vishnu. It does not have to be the case Sesha's wife must be an expansion of Lakshmi necessarily. It could be daugter of Shiva who is the wife of Balarama.

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