On which side of the body should we lay while sleeping and why? Is there any preferable side according to Hinduism?

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As per Garuḍa Mahā-Purāṇa, we must sleep on our left side.

Chapter 46, Agastya Saṃhitā

वामपार्श्वेन स्वपिति नात्र कार्य्या विचारणा ॥ ४६.३०.अ

  1. (a). One must sleep on their left side; there's nothing to be questioned in this regard.

English Translation by M.N. Dutt

An Ayurvedic compendium on ancient Indian Chemical Medicine (Rasa-śāstra) named - "Rasa-jala-Nidhi" also recommends sleeping on left side, along with giving the reason for doing so.

Part 16 - Directions for sleeping

... then to recline on the left side with a view to sleep...

The digesting heat in the stomach is situated on the left side of the belly, a little higher up the navel. It is, therefore, always desirable to lie down on the left side after taking the meal. One should also rub the palm of the feet with oil at the time one retires to bed for sleep;

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    I remember my mom used to say the same thing. Sleep on your left. Roll to your right while waking up.
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    And happy I got an answer after 3 years 😂
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  • Glad, I could be of help, even if after 3 years! :)) @Macindows
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  • Was taught to sleep on my back, always 😐 Though it’s very difficult and we shift positions without knowing while asleep. Commented Jan 2, 2023 at 10:56

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