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I am curious about a relationship, if any between Sage Brihaspati and the element of water.


According to the astrological scripture Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, the element that Brihaspati is associated with is ether (space or Akasha Tattva) and not water (Jala Tattva).

  1. Deities of Planets. Fire (Agni) (?), Water (Varuna), Subrahmanya (Lord Shiva’s son, following Ganesha), Maha Vishnu, Indra, Shachi Devi (the consort of Lord Indra) and Brahma (?) are the presiding deities of the 7 Planets in their order.

  2. Gender of the Planets. Mercury and Saturn are neuters. Moon and Venus are females, while Sun, Mars and Jupiter are males.

20. Primordial compounds. Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Venus and Mercury, respectively govern the Panchabhutas, space, air, fire, water and earth.

So, as you can see, water is linked with Venus (Shukra) and not with Brihaspati (Jupiter).


In a certain sense, since Brihaspati is considered an adytia together with Garuda and Aruna:

Vinata's son are Garuda, the powerful Aruna and the illustrious Brihaspati are counted among the adityas.

And as far as I know, Varuna is an adytia:

From Aditi were born the twelve adityas, the rulers of the worlds. I shall now mention their names to you-Dhata, Mithra, Aryamana, Shakra, Varuna, Amsha, Bhaga, Vivasvana and Pusha. In the tenth place was Savita, the eleventh was Tvashta and the twelfth was Vishnu. However, the youngest surpassed all the other adityas in qualities.

But in itself, Brihaspati is not directly related to water.

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