Jaidev goswami in Gita Govinda mentions about Radha , are there any prior references to her? I am not asking about puranic references, but works of any acharya. Who is the first well known saint to have mentioned Radha in his works?


As far as I know, Adi Shankaracharya mentions Sri Radha's name in his Yamunashtakam stotra Slokas 6 & 7. Sankskrit-Tamil translation available in this kamakoti website.

जलान्तकेलिकारिचारु राधिका ङ्गरागिणी स्वभर्तुरन्यदुर्लभाङ्गसङ्गतांशभागिनी स्वदत्तसुप्तसप्तसिन्धुभेदनातिकोविदा । धुनोतु मे मनोमलं कलिन्दनन्दिनी सदा ॥६॥

Jala-Anta-Keli-Kaari-Caaru-Raadhika-Angga-Raaginnii Sva-Bhartur-Anya-Durlabha-Angga-Sangga-Taamsha-Bhaaginii Sva-Datta-Supta-Sapta-Sindhu-Bhedana-Ati-Kovidaa | Dhunotu Me Mano-Malam Kalinda-Nandinii Sadaa ||6||

May Yamunā — Whose water is mixed with the cosmetics of sporting Rādhikā, Who enjoys the continuous touch of Her consort (Kṛṣṇa) which is a luxury for others, Who is mighty enough to penetrate the serene seven oceans, and Who is the daughter of Kalinda — washes the malice of my mind.[6]

जलच्युताच्युताङ्गरागलम्पटालिशालिनी विलोल राधिका कचान्तचम्पकालिमालिनी । सदावगाहनावतीर्णभर्तृभृत्यनारदा धुनोतु मे मनोमलं कलिन्दनन्दिनी सदा ॥७॥

Jala-Cyuta-Acyuta-Angga-Raaga-Lampatta-Ali-Shaalinii Vilola-Raadhikaa-Kaca-Anta-Campaka-Ali-Maalinii | Sada-Avagaahana-Avatiirnna-Bhartr-Bhrtya-Naaradaa Dhunotu Me Mano-Malam Kalinda-Nandinii Sadaa ||7||

May Yamunā — Who is full of damsels using fallen cosmetics of Acyuta (Kṛṣṇa) in Her water, Who has flowers from the braids of vibrant Rādhikā in Her water, Who is always taken as support by Nārada and other devotees of Her consort (Kṛṣṇa), and Who is the daughter of Kalinda — washes the malice of my mind.[7]

The celebrated Sri Vaishnava Acharya Vedanta Desikan(1268 A.D -1369 A.D)[Jayadeva Goswami's period is 1170 A.D-1245 A.D] mentions Radha's name in the 10th Canto of his Yadavabhyudayam, a poem on the life of Lord Krishna

dEvakee dhanujasThooNA dhivuyam DHAma vrajAngaNam ramA rADHAdhayScha ithi rASibhEdhairna bhidhyasE

There is no difference in the (states of) the Lord associated with Lakshmi (Ramaa), Radha or other consorts, or as being born as the Son of Devaki or being born from the Pillar as Narasimha, or living in Vaikunta or Vrindavan

  • Recently I came to know many stotras of AdiShankaracharya could be later works. So I will take it that it is Vedanta Desikan who definitely mentioned Radha, Yamunashtakam we can't be sure. – user16895 Jan 11 at 7:16
  • @krr it's upto you.. I can only give from what are considered Adi Shankara's works today and I don't know if it is authentic or not..Since Shankara glorified Lord Narayan at many places and since this is related to him, it may be authentic. Of course,we cannot be sure of stotras unless they were referred in some other works by some other ancient acharyas. – user16618 Jan 11 at 11:29

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