As far as I know, Ramanuja had 48 followers. What are the names of these 48 disciples of Ramanujacharya? Please provide their pictures, if available.

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    Ramanujacharya had 74 disciples, called the Simhasanadhipatis. Where did you get the number 48 from?
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  • Sir what do you know about Ramanjur please do not say like this under Ramacharya there where 48 follwers it is real Commented Jan 7, 2019 at 15:37
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    Where did you get the 48 number from?
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I have no idea where you got the number 48, from, but Swami Ramanuja appointed 74 of his disciples as Simhasana-adipatis to carry on the SriVaishnsva Sampradaya as he had established. (Other disciples are also mentioned below)

The names of the 74 Simhasana-adipatis are (Courtesy: https://hinduism.stackexchange.com/a/33224/15963):

  1. Chottai Nambi, son of Aalavandaar
  2. Pundarika, son of Periya Nambigal (Mahapurna)
  3. Yaamuna, son of Thirugottiyur Nambigal (Goshtipurna)
  4. Sundarabaahu, son of Maalaa dhaara
  5. Raamaanuja, son of Thirumalai Nambigal (Sailapurna)
  6. Paraasara Bhattar and his brother Vedavyaasa Bhattar, sons of Kuratthaazhwaan
  7. Raamaanuja, son of Mudaliaandaan
  8. Madhyamaarya (Naduvil Aazhwaan)
  9. Gomathaarya
  10. Tirukkovalur Aazhwaan
  11. Tiru Mohur Aazhwaan
  12. Pillai Aazhwaan
  13. Varada Vishnu Acharya
  14. Vishnu Chitta (Engalaazhwaan)
  15. Marichyaarya (Milagaazhwaan)
  16. Neyyundaazhwaan
  17. Baalaarya I (Setlur Siriyaazhwaan)
  18. Ananthaarya (Ananthaazhwan)
  19. Vedaanthi Aazhwaan
  20. Kovil Aazhwaan
  21. Utkalaarya (Ukkalaazhwaan)
  22. Haranaapuraarya (Arana Purathu Aazhwaan)
  23. Govinda Bhattar (Embaar)
  24. Pranatha Arthi hara (Kidaambi Aachaan)
  25. Baalaarya II (Kaniyanur Siriya Aazhwaan)
  26. Ichchambaadi Aachaan
  27. Kongil Aachaan
  28. Ichchambaadi Jeeyar
  29. Nallaan of Tirupathi (Tirumalai Nallaan)
  30. Sattaam Pillai Jeeyar
  31. Tiru Vellarai Jeeyar
  32. Aatkondavalli Jeeyar
  33. Tirunagarip Pillai
  34. Kaaraanji Somayaaji
  35. Alamkaara Venkatavar
  36. Nambi Karum Devar
  37. Devaraaja Bhattar
  38. Pillai Urandai Udaiyaar
  39. Tirukkurugai Piraan Pillanan
  40. Vallalaar (Periya Koil Vallalaar)
  41. Aasoorip Perumaal
  42. Kannapurathu Aachchaan
  43. Munip Perumaal
  44. Ammanghip Perumaal
  45. Maruthi, The Elder (Maruthi Andaan)
  46. Maruthi, The Younger (Maruthi Siriya Andaan)
  47. Sri Rama Krathu Nathaarya (Somayaji Aandaan)
  48. Jeeyar Aandaan
  49. Isvaraandaan
  50. Iyunnip Pillai Aandaan
  51. Periyaandaan
  52. Andaan, The younger (Siriyaandaan)
  53. Aandaan, The younger of Kurinji Puram
  54. Ammangi Aandaan
  55. Aalavandaar Aandaan
  56. Devaraaja Muni (Arulaalap Perumal Emperumaanaar)
  57. Thondanoor Nambi
  58. Marudoor Nambi
  59. Mazhuvoor Nambi
  60. Tiruk Kurungudi Nambi
  61. Kuruva Nambi
  62. Mudumbai Nambi
  63. Andhra Purna (Vaduga Nambi)
  64. Vanki purathu Nambi
  65. Paraankusa Nambi
  66. Ammangi Ammaal
  67. Varadaarya (Paruthik Kollai Ammaal)
  68. Utkala Ammaal
  69. Chottai Ammaal
  70. Mudumbai Ammaal
  71. Komaandoor Pillai
  72. Komaandoor Ilayavalli
  73. Kidaambi Perumal
  74. Aarkaattup Pillaan

Details of the 74 Simhasana-adipatis are given in https://ramanuja.org/sri/BhaktiListArchives/Article?p=nov2000%2F0044.html

Apart from these, Swami Ramanuja also had two main disciples Kuresha (Kuratthaazhwaan/Aazhwaan) and Dasharathi (Mudaliaandaan/Aandaan). Kuratthaazhwaan sons Parasara Bhattar and Vedavyasa Bhattar were also Swami Ramanuja’s disciples, but they are already mentioned in the list of the 74 Simhasana-adipatis (See No.6).

Swami also initiated his cousin (his mother’s elder brother’s son (Thirumalai Nambi’s son) ) whose Sanskrit name is Govinda Bhattar, and Tamil name is Embar. He is the immediate next Acharyan after Swami Ramanuja in the Acharya Ratna Haaram. You can see it in the image below (Embar is circled).

Acharya Ratna Haaram

Also, note that Embar is also one of the 74 Simhasana-adipatis (in the above list, he is no.23)

Ramanujacharya also had another disciple called Dhanurdasa, who was originally very much attached to his wife, because of her beautiful eyes, but when Swami Ramanuja showed him the beauty of Sri Ranganatha’s eyes, he immediately surrendered to Ramanuja along with his wife.

Thus, Swami Ramanujacharya had the 74 Simhasana-adipatis as disciples, along with Kuratthazhwan, Mudaliandan, and Dhanurdasa. Also, Ramanuja has many other disciples whose names are not prominently known, thus, an exhaustive list of all his disciples can never be made.

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