Is there any mention of consuming egg in any sastra or puran?

I mean details vidhi about

  1. when to consume when to avoid.
  2. what are the merits or demerits .
  3. food value
  4. how to consume etc etc

if yes then please provide the details


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Atharvaveda 8.6.23 condemns the consumption of eggs.

It states

Ya aamam maansamadanti paurusheyam cha ye kravih
Garbhaan khaadanti keshavaastaanito naashayaamasi

We ought to destroy those who eat cooked as well as uncooked meat, meat involving destruction of males and females, foetus and eggs.


Both fertilized & unfertilized eggs are Non-Veg.

Veg/Non-Veg categorization is based on moral reasons:

  1. Fertilized egg: This is egg which contains unborn baby and hence this is Non-Veg

  2. Unfertilized egg: This is also Non-Veg because for getting unfertilized eggs, you will have to separate Hen from Rooster. Separating wife (Hen) from Husband (Rooster) is immoral and hence unfertilized egg is also Non-Veg. mahAbhArata Adi parva ch. CXVIII also considers this a sinful act as deer censures/curses pAndu for denying sexual relation between male & female animal:

The sexual intercourse is agreeable to every creature and productive of good to all. But that effort of mine hath been rendered futile by thee.

Atharvaveda 8.6.23 also condemns the consumption of eggs as mentioned already

As per mahAbhArata shAntiparva CCLXXXII , chicken/chicken-products are forbidden :

From the blood of Vritra, O son of Pritha, were born high-crested cocks. For this reason, those fowls are unclean (as food) for the regenerate classes, and those ascetics that have undergone the rite of initiation.

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