There are animal sacrifices for Indra, Vayu, Agni, Prajapati and Shiva, etc in the Vedas.

For example, in the Ashvalayana Grihya Sutras:

1 1. Now the spit-ox (sacrificed to Rudra).

  1. In autumn or in spring, under the (Nakshatra) Ârdrâ.

  2. The best of his herd,

  3. (An ox) which is neither leprous nor speckled;

In the Krishna Yajur Veda:

The barren goat is connected with all the gods. To Vayu should he offer it who desires wealth.

To sky and earth should he offer it [the barren goat] who in ploughing desires support.

To Agni and Soma should he offer it who desires, 'May I be possessed of food, an eater of food'.

To Sarasvati should he offer it who, being able to utter speech, cannot utter speech.

To Prajapati should he offer it who desires, 'May I gain that which has not been gained'.

Now, ancient Sri Vaishnava acharyas believe that Vishnu, since he is Brahman, is the actual recipient of sacrifices and not the Devas, so words like "Indra", "Agni", etc actually refer to Vishnu through either etymology (Indra means 'chief' or 'best') or through the principle known as Samanadhikaranyam, where the sacrifices actually propitiate the Devas, but Vishnu also who exists as the Antaryami of the Devas.

But my question is, are there any animal sacrifices specifically for Vishnu or Narayana by name?

Like any verses such as "He who desires prosperity should offer a goat to Vishnu"?

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Like any verses such as "He who desires prosperity should offer a goat to Vishnu"?

Yes definitely we have such Mantras for Vishnu in the Krishna Yajurveda.

One I have already used in this answer:

DevAsurA eshu lokesh vaspardanta sa etam vishnurvAmanapashyattam swAyei devatAyA Ahalabhata tato vai sa imA .....||

Once there was a conflict between the Devas and the Asuras regarding some Vishya ( lokeshu vijaya bhuteshu i.e for gaining supremacy over the worlds). Vishnu then had seen VAmana or "short in stature" animals. Those (i.e such short statured animals) are then offered to Vishnu. Thereafter Vishnu won over the three worlds. Thus, whoever person (who's having conflicts regarding their possesions like houses, lands etc), who offers such short animals to Vishnu can similarly attain Vishnu-hood and win over the three worlds....

KYV 2nd KAnda, 1st PrapAthaka, 3rd AnuvAka.

SAyanacharya in his commentary on this AnuvAka says:

"Tritiya anuvAke jayAdihetun pashunanvidhitsannAdau lokatraya jaya hetum pasum vidhAtum prastauti..."

In this 3rd anuvAka, description of animals that are to be offered for the purpose of winning over the three worlds, are being described...

  • So Vamana here means animals short in stature? What kind of animals are those that Sayanacharya mentions?
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    Yes dwarf... No he does not mention that @Ikshvaku
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  • Yes I hv Sayana, Mahidhara and some other commentaries on KYV and SYV .. I can't send u as I hv hard copies of YVs .. :) @NaveenKick
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  • Do you have those commentaries in English?
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