Is it true that gods and goddesses know all languages? If true, where it has been mentioned?

  • Do you mean Devi Devatas of Swarga Loka by gods and Goddesses? – The Destroyer Dec 29 '18 at 17:50
  • Yeah @The Destroyer – hanugm Dec 29 '18 at 17:59
  • This does not seem to be reasonable question.. How do you get such strange questions? How is it useful? – Praphulla Koushik Dec 31 '18 at 19:00
  • To know how they use to communicate with people on earth who knows only their native language.. @Praphullla Koushik – hanugm Dec 31 '18 at 19:02
  • I believe language is never a way to communicate... Suppose you know how they communicate what do you get from that? @hanugm – Praphulla Koushik Dec 31 '18 at 19:08

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