What is the expiation for accidentally killing a cat?

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The Dharma Shastras prescribe some expiations for unintentionally killing a cat.

From the Vishnu Smriti:

If he has unintentionally killed a mouse, or a cat, or an ichneumon, or a frog, or a Duṇḍubha snake, or a large serpent—he must fast for one day, and on the next day give a dish of milk, sesamum and rice mixed together to a Brāhmaṇa and give him an iron hoe as his fee.

From the Yājñavalkya Smriti:

(3.271) For killing a cat, an alligator, an ichneumon, a frog or birds, one should drink milk for three days, or perform a quarter of the Kṛcchra penance.

The Vishnu Smriti verse above says explicitly that that expiation is for the unintentional killing of a cat, so you should follow that.

Just go to a nearby temple and present a Purohit those two gifts mentioned in that verse.


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