Which Dharma Sutras are valid? Is every Dharma Sutra named after a historic Rishi with the affix "Sutra" or "Shastra" or "Smriti" valid?

On wisdomlib.org for this Manusmriti verse, Ganganath Jha talks about the lists of valid Dharma Sutras composed by different authors.

Interestingly, the Manusmriti is unanimously cited as the foremost authority on Dharma.

We have the Veda itself testifying to the trustworthy character of at least one Smṛti-writer, Manu—‘Whatever Manu has said is wholesome.’

Madanapārijāta, p. 11.— "Manu is the most important of the expounders of law..."

Nṛsiṃhaprasāda-Saṃskāra MSS. - ".....and as Manu and others are known to have been learned in the Veda it stands to reason that knowing as they did that the Veda was the sole authority on Dharma...

Smrticandrikā, pp. 1 et scq.— "The ordinances composed by Manu and other writers..."

Among Smṛtis Manu is most authoritative, as says Aṅgiras—.... as also the Veda.

Any Smṛti that goes against the ordinances of Manu is to be rejected—as declared by Bṛhaspati (see above). This is the view of the Kalpataru also

But anyways, here is a list compiled by Yajnavalkya of valid Dharma Sutras. Note that Manu is on top:

Manu, Viṣṇu, Yama, Aṅgiras, Vaśiṣṭha, Dakṣa, Saṃvarta, Śātātapa, Parāśara, Āpastamba, Uśanas, Vyāsa, Kātyāyana, Bṛhaspati, Gautama, Śaṅkha-Likhita, Hārīta, Atri, and Yājñavalkya himself.

According to Vyasa:

Manu, Vaśiṣṭha, Kaśyapa, Garga, Gautama, Uśanas, Atri, Viṣṇu, Saṃvarta, Dakṣa, Aṅgiras, Śātātapa, Hārīta, Yājñavalkya, Āpastamba, Śaṅkha, Likhita, Kātyāyana, Pracetas.

So aside from the Manusmriti, which Dharma Shastras, and their particular manuscripts, are valid according to Sri Vaishnava acharyas?



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