yuktiyuktaṃ vaco grāhyaṃ bālād api śukād api
yukti hīnam, vacas tyājyaṃ vṛddhād api śukād api

Whatever is based on sound reasoning ought to be accepted, even if it proceeds from a boy or parrot. Whatever is not so based ought to be rejected, even if it is uttered by an old man or the sage Śuka himself.

Source: Religion and Society by Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan

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    Seems like a Sanskrit Subhasita – Paṇḍyā Jan 22 at 6:21
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    Looks like there is also a similar verse also with the name of Bṛhaspati (Guru of the Gods). युक्तियुक्तं वचो ग्राह्यं बालादपि शुकादपि । अयुक्तमपि न ग्राह्यं साक्षादपि बृहस्पतेः ॥ – SwiftPushkar Jan 22 at 7:30
  • युक्तिहीनविचारेण धर्महानिः प्रजायते, but अचिन्त्या खलु ये भावा मा तांस्तर्केण योजयेत्. So role of logic is both accepted but not everywhere – user17294 Jan 22 at 8:11

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