I was reading bengali ramayan by parashuram and came accross this .

ramayan aranya kand , viradh vadh Ramayan, rajshekhar basu ,  aranya kand sarga 1-4

this says that it is the customary for rakshasas to get buried after death.

अवटे च अपि माम् राम निक्षिप्य कुशली व्रज | रक्षसाम् गत सत्त्वानाम् एष धर्मः सनातनः || ३-४-२२ अवटे ये निधीयन्ते तेषाम् लोकाः सनातनाः |

Then i checked the sanskrit version it also says the same .

My question is why is maharshi valmiki saying so ? What is happening to all those who are getting buried after death? Is it happening because they were rakshasas and their time is ending?

And since paganism is taking pace all over the world and they are burning their dead ,does that mean that reign of rakshasas is ending over the world.

Please make an informed comment .

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    He also gives the reason .. he says "it is the eternal rule for Raksahas to be buried after death" – Rickross Jan 22 at 14:52
  • I am asking why the rule .. how did the rule come , what is the necessity of the rule . what happens if the rule is violated . every rule has a reason behind. what is the reason . – Saronyo Jan 26 at 18:21
  • Yes that's a valid question .. I was not aware of the rule before I saw this .. and I don't know the reasons either .. – Rickross Jan 27 at 6:20

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