Manusmriti Chapter 11:

  1. But a student who has broken his vow shall offer at night on a crossway to Nirriti a one-eyed ass, according to the rule of the Pakayagnas.

It says if a twice born men, who is a Brahmachari, intentionally emitted his semen, he should offer a one eyed ass to Nirriti. Now, my questions are:

  • Who is that goddess Nirriti?
  • Which scripture describes about her?

So the God of Fire has got his burning power and is residing in the bellies of the Devas, the Asuras, men and all other beings and penetrating their bellies, is satisfying all. Yama, the King of Dharma, by Thy appointment, is the Lord of the southern quarters, is presiding over the Pitris and being the witness of all the actions of the Jivâs, is awarding duly to them the fruits thereof.

Nairrita, the Lord of the Raksasas, the witness of all the actions of all the beings, by Thy commandment, is the destroyer of all the obstacles of the devotees that take refuge unto thee, though he is a Yaksa. The Varuna Deva, by Thy order, has become duly the Lord of the waters, and the Regent of the Loka (Dikpâla). The Vâyu, the Life of all, the carrier of the smell, has become by Thy order Lokâpâla and the Guru of the universe. Kuvera, obedient to Thy order, has become the Lord of the Yaksas and the Kinnaras and is holding a respectful position like other Lokapâlas

Devi Bhagavatam 8.2

She is the consort of Nairrita and the guardian of the south-west direction, which is also known as the Nairitika Kona.

In the above passage, the names of some the Dikpalas/Lokapalas are found. Like Agni (who guards south east), Yama (south), Varuna (west), Vayu (north west), Kubera (north) etc..

From Wikipedia the list of Astha Dikpalas are as follows:

Kubera (North)
Yama (South)
Indra (East)
Varuṇa (West)
Īśāna (Northeast)
Agni (Southeast)
Vayu (Northwest)
Nirṛti (Southwest)

There is also the concept of 10 Dikpalas in which Brahma and Vishnu are also included.

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