According to SB 12.6.50 it appears Vyāsa (Kṛṣṇa Dvaipāyana) only rearranged the Vedic mantras into four parts:

50. Just as (out of a heap of mixed up) precious stones of the same kind are assorted and kept in separate heaps, he (Vyāsa) selected and classified the Vedic Mantras as belonging to the category of the Ṛg, Atharvan, Yajus, and Sāman and thus compiled four Saṃhitās or collections out of those (formerly mixed up) Mantras.

So who classified the various brāhmaṇas, āraṇyakas and upaniṣads into the four Vedic branches? Was it Vyāsa's disciples?

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    Veda Vyasa is so called because he divided the Vedas .. and he divided only the Samhita portions .. that means only the Samhita portions are the Vedas ..
    – Rickross
    Jan 29, 2019 at 6:32


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