Sri Madhva wrote commentaries on upanishads from dvaita perspective.

Sri Ranga Ramanuja wrote commentaries on upanishads from vishishtha advaita perspective.

Are these commentaries available in English translations? If yes, where can they be obtained?


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Dvaita commentaries are available at Nagesh Sonde's website

Sri Madhvacharya's Bhasya on Upanishads:

It is difficult to find and get English translation of Ranga Ramanujacharya's (or Vishishtadvaita) commentary on Upanishads online. As said in comment, you may try http://ebooks.tirumala.org/ for finding books e.g.
Isavasyopanishad Bhashya by Vedanta Desikan;

Or you can purchase some useful books of them from Exotic India:

Apart from these, One very useful book Five Principal Upanishads- Ishavasya, Kena, Katha, Taittiriya and Mundaka Upanishads (With Sanskrit Text, Transliteration, Translation and Exhaustive Commentary Based on Ramanuja School) is also available!

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