I have found a book The age of Shankara by T. S. NArAyaNa wherein in the introduction the author writes how Christian orientalists deliberately have been shifting birth dates of the great Indian personalities like Adi Sankara, Gautam Buddha etc to suit their Christian chronology. In one passage he writes

But if take for granted that the MahABArata war took place 37 years before the commencement of KalIyuga, which appear to me the most correct view and which is admittedly the opinion of all the Hindu writers from the ancient times, Gautama Buddha must be places before 2000 B.C. This view is fully supported by all the authentic PurANas and ItIhAsas, which are beginning to be recognised as contributing genuine historical information about Ancient India and according to which the Buddha is to be placed not later than 1800 B.C.

I wanted the proper reference from PurANas and ItihAsas which checkmark the above claims of the author. Where are they?

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    Puranas just mention Kali Yuga for Buddha and even Kurma Purana says Shiva will born in Kali yuga to revive Vedanta. But no specific date is mentioned. But Agni Purana gives details of number of Sakhas of Vedas when Buddha was born. That might give some clue. – The Destroyer Feb 7 at 5:48
  • @TheDestroyer Go ahead. If evidences are complete and sound then inferences are cordially welcomed. :) – Mr. Sigma. Feb 7 at 5:50
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    Ok. But might take some time as i need to collect all references for Buddha first from Puranas. – The Destroyer Feb 7 at 6:05
  • Does any Purana mention about Buddha ? – TheLittleNaruto Feb 7 at 6:08

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